It’s been a while…


Picking up where I left, a long, long time ago…


I was wondering if the reason(s) of my long-time absence have been completely practical (life getting in the way of plans, we foolishly make…) or spiritual. My conclusion is that they have been a little bit of both.

But how can it be possible that I run out of thoughts to share (with… whoever is reading this) or not deciding to write down thoughts that have been in my mind…? I guess this reflects my present state of being.


Stagnant waters are ill waters. The absence of movement can only be malicious, to our lives and future. Yet, here we are. Marching on the long, steady beat of marital life, of working an office job, raising kids and running after the family obligations.

Making no promises, I will try to be back, sooner than later.

Till then…



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